You’d think what we’ve learned about paint and the importance of color in a house we would have learned from owning Certapro Painters of Mountainside. And don’t get us wrong, we have learned a lot from watching color transform a house. But mostly, what we’ve learned from color has come from living in a house. When you are surrounded by the same walls, when they encase your children and your livelihood, those walls become an extension of you and your family. What was once white, is no longer appropriate to express what it contains. It’s no longer you. White won’t cut it.

Kevin and I talk about this a lot—are our wall color choices a reflection of us, or does it go beyond that? Do our wall color choices alter how we feel? Can the color change our mood or gently steer us toward the type of mood or energy we want for our lives?

We can’t say definitively which happens first, but we can say this-color changes everything. It can uplift a mood. It can change a perspective from murky and ominous to cheerful and hopeful. It can smile in the same way your family smiles. The color of paint you choose IS important. THAT, we know.

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We just went to do an appraisal for a young couple who just moved to Westfield, and as the woman was showing us the bedroom, she said she wanted it painted Robin’s Egg Blue. She noted that she used to hate blues, but the older she got, the more sentimental the color was to her. It reminded her of her grandmother, whom she missed dearly, and of a calmness she felt being around her.

So while there is a ‘psychology’ behind colors, sometimes it’s more of a sentimental thing, or a memory from childhood. It’s not just textbook psychology. Quite often, it depends on your life. Your memories will define what colors mean to you. We had to note that before we continued to share House Beautiful’s psychology behind colors and what they mean. That said, I find the psychology behind color so fascinating that I had to share.

What do different colors mean?

According to House Beautiful:

Orange expands your thinking

Deep blue encourages efficiency

Lighter shades of green increase wealth.

A deeper shade of green is considered to promote health. 

Light purple is spiritual

Blue gives a sense of peace.

An aqua colored blue inspires trust.

Bright red will fortify you.

BUT, Deep red inspires passion.

Yellow increases your focus

Pink opens the heart

So what are the colors of happiness? That is the question, yes? According to House Beautiful, it is a combination of yellow and orange. According House Beautiful’s September issue, these colors help dispel darkness and allow us to see the brighter side of things. Always remember, an array of color is key to happiness: You need the full range of it to feel balanced and fully alive. Try a yellow or towel, throw pillow, coffee mug.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. And if you ever have a question about color and your house, whether interior or exterior, call me at CertaPro Painters of Mountainside anytime. We are here, anytime.