Dear Editor,

I have been contacted by family members from Sri Lanka and Australia to check on me and my family.  They cannot believe that six days after the storm we still do not have power in Scotch Plains.  It is really quite embarrassing to have them keep asking why we do not have power and I have no answer for them.  We put men on the moon, and technology is at its highest, so why does it take six days to repair a few sub stations and wires?  Where is FEMA?  Where is the Red Cross?  Where is everybody?  Oh, I forgot, they are all standing in line to get gas!  We are supposed to be one of the top nations in the world, and now my family thinks I live in a third world country because of the current situation.  Who is going to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the catastrophe after the storm?  Who has the answers?

Jay Nanayakkara

Westfield Rd, Scotch Plains