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'Today Show' Hidden Cameras Catch Local Businessman Being Honest with Customers

Doug Lynch Credits: Doug Lynch

SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ – What started as a routine business call for Doug Lynch, owner of A-1 Basement Solutions, turned into the best testimonial of his services imaginable.

Lynch got a call from a friend this morning saying he’d just seen Lynch on the Today Show. Turns out that a call he’d gotten about three weeks ago to check a house for mold was part of an undercover investigation by Rossen Reports on whether mold contractors are charging for unneeded work.

Eight contractors went to the woman’s home to check what she thought might be mold.

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The verdict? Five of the contractors said she had mold and wanted to charge up to $10,000 to clean it up. Three of them said she didn’t have mold.

Only Lynch did an actual test to determine that there wasn’t mold in the house.

The test is a simple but effective one. It’s done with what Lynch calls a mold stick – it’s a plastic tube that encases a cotton swab. At the top is a plastic vial in a bulb shape. The user bends the bulb to crack the seal, then a chemical wets the cotton swab, turning it green. The user rubs the swab on the suspected mold. If the swab stays green, it’s not mold. If it turns gray, it’s dormant mold. If it turns purple, it’s active mold.

After doing two mold tests to be sure, Lynch told the woman she definitely did not have mold in her home.

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It’s all in a day’s work for Lynch, an active Rotarian who runs his business with the same service and integrity oriented focus as the club’s.

“We conduct all of our business with honesty and integrity that can withstand hidden camera investigation,” he said. “This is why we have an A-plus rating with Better Business Bureau. It’s why we’re on Angie’s List’s honor roll – because we always do exemplary work.”

With spring in full bloom, Lynch said mold is a concern in all homes, particularly in basements.

“At this time of year, mold becomes more prevalent again because humidity levels rise,” he explained. “It’s called relative humidity, because it’s relative to the air temperature. When you have great levels of humidity indoors, especially in the basement, it can lead to mold.”

A-1 Basement Solutions are also indoor air quality experts. They sell a product call the E-Z Breathe Ventilation System. It takes the place of a dehumidifier and air filter by replacing the air in the house 4-6 times per day.

“You get new, clean air and it helps prevent mold from ever occurring,” Lynch said.

Also the author of a free e-book entitled “Basements 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your Basement,” Lynch said the focus of his business is simple and straightforward.

“A-1 Basement Solutions makes basements dry and healthy to give homeowners peace of mind even during a power outage,” he said. “At A-1 Basement Solutions, we take care of all the detail so you don’t have to.”

For more information, visit the company’s Facebook page, their website, e-mail, or call 908-322-1313. They give homeowners free – and honest – mold inspections.

Editor's Note: A-1 Basement Solutions is an advertiser on For advertising information, please call 908-279-0303 or email

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