SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- A large group of panelists, including many Union Catholic graduates, shared their journey by delivering very inspiring, passionate, and eye-opening presentations to juniors and seniors when UC hosted Career Day on Tuesday.

Of the 38 panelists, 27 graduated from Union Catholic (representing all six decades), four are current parents, and seven are friends of UC.

Career fields represented were Human Resources, Real Estate, Professional Life Coach, On-line Retailers, Personal Training, Counseling, Government Administration, Architecture, Project Management, Entrepreneurs, Aerospace Engineer, Attorneys, IT, Media & Entertainment, Nutritionist, Fundraising, Pilot, Sales Management, ​Registered Nurse, Manufacturing, Aviation Management, Digital Marketing, School Psychology, Dentistry, Social Work, Fig Grower, Public Relations, Education, US Army, ​Engineer, and Chef.

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Mrs. Jennifer Dixon, the Director of School Counseling at Union Catholic, said Career Day is very helpful to the UC students as they look ahead and carve out their own paths into the future.

“We understand the importance of assisting students to learn about who they are and who they want to become,’’ said Mrs. Dixon. “It is imperative for the well-being of our teens that they understand that the journey to a fulfilling career doesn't have to be a race. Most of the panelists have had several educational opportunities, jobs and life experiences that have led them to their current position. They have learned about themselves along the way and it is in those rich experiences that they have become the successful individuals that they are today. We are so thankful to all the panelists who shared their stories about their career path and hope it helps our students as they begin their own unique journeys.’’

Senior Janessa Mendoza, UC’s Student Council President said, “It was very intriguing to hear about all the different professions everyone has.’’

Mendoza said hearing from so many UC Alumni made a huge impact.

“Hearing so many alumni speak about their personal journey makes the students here more hopeful that they’ll achieve their dream jobs one day,’’ said Mendoza. “The advice they gave us will help all of us in the long run. Everyone took different paths and have taken winding roads to get where they are today, and they made us all know that it’s okay if we aren’t sure what we want to do because many of them weren’t sure either at some point. But they all eventually found their passion.’’

Mendoza said Career Day is another prime example of how committed Union Catholic is to the future of its students.

“It shows that the school feels its students have a lot of promise and can be successful in the future,’’ said Mendoza. “By having Career Day, students will be able to come closer to being what they want to be in the future. I feel that Career Day and the College Alumni Panel Discussion really helped us understand what we are going to face in the future, which is very helpful to all of us.’’