SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- Students and staff members at Union Catholic were very active contributing to the Student-to Student Scholarship Drive as the school celebrated Student Philanthropy Day on Friday, Feb. 23.

The Student-to-Student Scholarship Drive was a High-Five Tag Day at UC as students were asked to make donations that will fund a scholarship for a one current eighth grade student that will be a member of UC’s Class of 2022.

“The High-Five Tag Day is in celebration of Student Philanthropy Day and each student will give five dollars or more to the Student-to-Student Scholarship so that they can give an incoming freshman the same opportunity they were given-to experience a Union Catholic education,’’ said Mr. John Rotondo, a member of Union Catholic's Development Department. “And they are really truly embodying a philanthropic attitude by giving their time and treasure to make life better for someone else and expecting nothing in return.’’

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As part of this year’s Student-to-Student Scholarship campaign, a video was shown to every Union Catholic student.

“UC’s Development Department and the Student Council Executive Board presented a video at the class meetings this year showing an interview with senior Brian Power and our first recipient
Lilyana Roque (Class of 2021),’’ said Mr. Rotondo. “Lilyana talked about how her freshman year is going at Union Catholic and what it meant to her to receive the scholarship and how she’s having a positive impact on Union Catholic. And she thanked everyone and asked them to join her in paying it forward to continue to award this scholarship.’’

Senior Goldera Surles said giving back is very rewarding and a great quality to have.

“I think this is a great idea,’’ said senior Goldera Surles. “This helps the student body as a whole learn about giving. It shows that we are willing to help out an incoming freshman, and it feels great to give back and make a difference in someone’s life. Giving back is a great quality that we should all carry with us in our everyday life.’’

Senior Mia Bennett-Jones, the Vice President of UC’s Student Council, said the Student-to-Student Scholarship is a great tradition and very gratifying to be a part of.

“I like that we have this tradition that will hopefully continue for years and years to come,’’ said Bennett-Jones. “It’s so great to give something back and to have the whole school come together to help out. It’s such a really great feeling to make a difference.’’