CRANFORD, NJ -- Millions of drivers around the world use the navigation app Waze as they travel. Voice recordings alert drivers to potential hazards and slowdowns as they take to the roads. The Union County Traffic Officers Association (UCTOA) has taken advantage of a feature that allows custom recordings to be made by releasing a special "traffic safety" version of the voice prompts. 

The recordings remind drivers to buckle up before they leave and caution them to slow down and move over when they approach police along the roadway. There are over a dozen safety messages that motorists will hear when they download the free recordings.
The UCTOA, and its member police departments, encourage those using the Waze app to download the recordings. All you need to do is click on the link below from a smartphone that has Waze installed. Once that's done, just chose UCTOA as your voice.
The recordings were made by long-time New York City-area traffic reporter, and Cranford resident, Bernie Wagenblast. Visit: