Update From Mayor Mary DePaola

Saturday, November 03, 2012

The townships emergency management team, as well as our public works department, has been
working around the clock to ensure the safety and security of all of our residents.

Chief Mahoney and I have been in regular communication with PSE&G representatives on daily
Central Division conferences calls as well as additional individual phone calls with key personnel
specifically related to power outages in Scotch Plains. I have urged them to prioritize Scotch Plains
and am pleased to report they have allocated additional resources to priority facilities throughout the
township assuring those most in need including senior citizens, public safety facilities, schools, and
water systems are the primary areas of focus.

At its peak, the storm left 9,270 customers without power. Now, over 3,500 customers have been
restored and more residents are regaining their power as we speak. You will see additional power
crews in your neighborhood over the next few days and I am very optimistic about the progress and
priority placed on Scotch Plains and its residents.

The Fanwood sub-station has been energized but individual circuits continue to have difficulty and are
being repaired. The Scotch Plains sub-station sustained additional damage and those issues are also
being addressed.

PSE&G is working to restore power to the maximum number of customer and has assigned 2,794
additional crew members from out of state.

Residents can find additional information for PSE&G at 800-436-7734 or pseg.com/outagecenter.

A special thanks to those municipal officials, employees and volunteers who have worked tirelessly
and around the clock as we recover from this devastating event.

PLEASE Remember to AVOID DOWNED LINES. As power is restored, these lines will be live again.

Do not cut trees on utility lines

Electric meters on residencies must be still attached to the house for power to be restored. If your
meter is not attached, you must contact your electrical contractor to reattach the meter.

Streets to Schools, Churches, and polling places will be cleared first.

Water Should remain on

Fourth quarter property taxes normally due on November 1,012 with a 10 day grace period, will now
be extended until November 20, 2012 with no interest charges.

The November 6th Election is still scheduled to take place at regular polling places.