CLARK, NJ – Victoria Hope Lordi, and her family, are happy to be home.  After a 2-week stint in the hospital and an arduous battle against a near-fatal virus, 6-week-old Victoria came home on Tuesday. 

“She’s doing amazing,” mom Joelle Lordi said. “Back to her happy, smiling self again.” 

Victoria was stricken with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and spent days in a medically-induced coma while her mother sat vigil and asked the community for prayers through daily Facebook updates. Lordi said she relied on the support of the community to get her through the dark days.

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“When death is staring your newborn in face... and all you can think at that moment is, your daughter, who just came into this world, and who I adored so much, wasn't coming home... all I could do is drop to my knees and beg God to leave her with me,” Lordi said. “As I felt my faith and hope slipping away... I knew I needed an army of people with faith and strength that could pray too... God listens, but my faith wasn't so bright.”

The community rallied around the young girl, offering encouragement, prayers and support through Facebook responses in the form of likes, comments and shares.

“As Victoria got better... the sun shined brighter and brighter for me,” Lordi said.

Victoria’s older sister, Sammi, is glad to have her sister home. “She loves her sister and shows it very second,” Lordi said. "She keeps asking ‘Are you okay, Toria? Do you feel ok? I missed you, Toria.'”

Although Victoria remains on a tapering dose of medicines until next Monday, Lordi said she’s doing great. “I’m happy to have my family back together,” she said. “It feels good to all cuddle up together again.”