SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- What happens when two moms finally find themselves in the "In Crowd"? There’s a four letter word for that.

In a new web series that debuts on Monday, Oct. 5, "Mean Girls meets menopause." as The Four Letter Word debuts. It follows two awkward social climbers, Chris and Leah, in their adventures under the wings of two fabulous moms. Shakily navigating their way out of minivans and into martini bars, the two struggle to keep up with Queen Bee Roseanne and her sultry sidekick Ted, experimenting with Botox and lesbianism, naughty toy parties and controlled substances – always with disastrous results. Will Chris and Leah ever truly fit into the most fabulous of round holes, or will the squeeze itself crush these two square pegs? 

The comedy series stars Scotch Plains native Lainie Ventura, Jennifer Harrison, Kerri Lynn Miller, and Anita Sabherwal.

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Check out the trailer: