Wegmans Food Markets with just 85 stores and one-tenth of Amazon’s revenues, edged past the online retailer to reach the top spot for corporate reputation, according to the 16th annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient® (RQ) study. The Rochester, NY-based grocer ranked first, beating major companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon in corporate reputation.

Wegmans has developed a passionate following among its devotees, who are willing to drive distances of about a half-hour to shop there.

"I have been shopping at Wegmans since the Woodbridge store opened. I drive past 2 grocery stores to shop there every week and I can’t think of why someone would shop anywhere else," said Scotch Plains resident Heather Stokes-Huby. "The entire shop is well planned out and maintained. The aisles are wide enough and uncluttered so that you can get shopping carts in both directions at the same time. 

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Stokes-Huby says she likes Wegmans generic brands because they are marked so that anyone who has special dietary restrictions (her son is gluten free) could easily grab the right bottle. 

"The store stocks everything from common to uncommon at several different price points so you get what you want for every occasion.  This November, I was hospitalized and knew that I would be unable to cook Thanksgiving dinner myself, so I called Wegmans from the hospital bed and ordered my Thanksgiving dinner knowing that the holiday meal would be good," she added. "The service, selection and prices make it worth the 20-minute drive every week."

"It's the best grocery store ever," said Jackie Lieberman, who drives 20 minutes to the Wegmans in Bridgewater when she has the time. "I used to work for grocery store business magazines, and the industry thinks they're the best, too."

New Jersey-based  Johnson & Johnson ranked No. 5  on the list. Click here for a complete ranking of the the 16th Annual RQ Summary Report.