To the Editor:

 As a 10-year Fanwood resident with a passion for education and community service, I had anticipated running for the Scotch Plains Fanwood Board of Education in the future (like possibly in 2019). However, the July 2017 deadline for nominating petitions passed and there were no candidates petitioning to be on the ballot.

With one current sitting Board Member stepping down and no candidates running for the BOE, one of the two seats representing Fanwood would be vacant in 2018 (allowing board members to appoint a representative of their choice). I wasn’t willing to have someone chosen to represent Fanwood. I want the Fanwood representative to have an understanding and background in education; to be active in the community; to understand the impact that the Board of Education has within our two townships and to value communication which to me is necessary in a shared educational environment.

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I realized that my timeline had shifted and I wanted to be the representative for Fanwood on the Board of Education. So, before voting day approaches or before you mail in your ballot, I’d like to share who Amy Boroff is and why I am asking Fanwood voters to WRITE-IN Amy Boroff on your ballot to represent Fanwood on the Board of Education.

In 2007, I moved to Fanwood where my husband and I enrolled my daughter in the Goddard School as it opened. My now 6th grade daughter, went on to McGinn Elementary school where I served on the District Legislative Team (essentially the liaison between the BOE and PTA) and often attended Board of Education meetings, round table discussions and presentations. I participated in the 2014-17 BOE Strategic Planning process and am just as excited to once again join my neighbors and share input to help shape the future Strategic Plan that the BOE is currently putting together.

In 2013, I opened Be Craftful in downtown Fanwood (for which I was recognized as a Union County Woman of Excellence for Entrepreneurship in 2015) and have since been an active volunteer within the township, most recently being honored as a 2017 Fanwood Volunteer of the Month. While operating the Be Craftful storefront, I hosted SPF special needs students for on-site job training and development, annually participated in DECA’s business entrepreneurial breakfast, and employed dozens of SPF High School students (gaining insight on the students perspective within our district).

I currently serve as a Fanwood Recreation Commissioner and can regularly be found at town wide events as a sponsor or volunteer. Through my volunteer efforts, I have worked closely with town leadership, school leadership and our police department all of which reaffirmed my belief that success demands consistency, accountability and communication.

While I come to the table with fresh eyes, my passion for education and role with the Board of Education as a volunteer has provided me with knowledge and experience. In an evolving and consistently changing educational environment, communication among town and school leadership; community members, school staff and BOE members; and parents and students is detrimental to student success -- we can all do a better job collaborating, holding ourselves and children accountable, and being consistent among our schools and leadership.

I ask for your support in sharing my message and asking your friends for their vote, liking and sharing my Facebook page, and most importantly to please consider writing Amy Boroff as your personal choice in the 2017 elections.

Here is how to write-in Amy Boroff for the Fanwood Board of Education: Locate the "Official School Election Ballot - Fanwood" under the blue line on your ballot! There are no candidates on the ballot, so Column 1 is empty. Mail in ballot - Simply locate the “Personal Choice” column and write-in Amy Boroff.

At the polls: Click the "Personal Choice" button and a green "X" will flash. Locate the keyboard at the bottom of the ballot. Type in Amy Boroff (use the arrow key for the space) and press enter. After your vote is typed and you’ve completed the rest of your ballot, press the red “cast vote” button.


Amy Boroff
Fanwood, NJ