Sport: Wrestling

Record: 11-1


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The Scotch Plains/ Fanwood wrestling team has been wrestling as well as they have in recent memory. They are led by junior heavyweight, Anthony Tufaro, who is ranked #6 in the state by Garden State Wrestling. The only loss SPF has suffered on the season was a close match to an undefeated Westfield team. SPF also finished 4th at the Union County Tournament behind Brearly, Westfield, and Roselle Park.


Remaining schedule:

Plainfield, Bridgewater- Raritan



Roselle Park





Watchung Hills




Lieblich, Jeff

Murphy, Sean

Vuono, Luke

Natale, Dion

Ridge, Matt

McFarlane, Mike

Natale, Dominick

Mineo, Luke

Harnett, Matt

Tufaro, Anthony

Cannon, Sean

Lapham, Brian

Jacobs, Andrew

Zeigler, Michael

Carrion, Steve

Steinfeld, Mike

Beirne, J.T.

Cunningham, Tommy

Pigna, Dom

Mirabella, Alex



Sport: Boys Basketball

Record: 8-7

At 8-7, the Scotch Plains/ Fanwood boy’s basketball team is led by Thomas Bonacum, their leading scorer. They SPF team dropped losses to Governer Livingston, Neptune, Pope John, while recording key wins over Summit, Johnson, Woodbridge, and Cranford. The remaining schedule is tough, with a rematch against Cranford still in the cards.


Remaining schedule:

St. Marys (Elizabeth)

Roselle Catholic




Union Catholic





Simon, Josh

Macken, Thomas

Voysest, Andrew

Bull, Quaryee

Bonacum, Thomas

Noel-Brooks, Xavier

Johnston, Ian

Raszka, Kevin

Gonzales, Dominic

Singletary, Tyree

Byers, Anthony

Greenberg, Matt



Sport: Girls Basketball

Record: 7-7



Remaining schedule:



Abraham Clark



Roselle Catholic



Bridgewater- Raritan



Karpel, Christina

Venable, Alexis

Edwards, Destinee

Dwunfour, Thabitha

Porter, Mykala

Sebolao, Taylor

Harper, Katie

Sweeney, Tara

Charles, Christine

Maisel, Madison

Riporti, Alyssa

Martinez, Ashley


The Scotch Plains/ Fanwood girl’s basketball team currently sits at .500, but that does not mean that the season has not had its fair share of success. The girls basketball team has recorded wins over Plainfield, Newton, Walkill Valley, Roselle, Union, and a last minute, one-point victory over rival Westfield.


Sport: Boy’s Ice Hockey

Record: 5-6-1


Remaining schedule:

Govorner Livingston






Breit, Jason   

Wisniewski, Kurtis   

Lewis, Kevin   

DeMarsico, Dustin   

Lenart, John   

Calefate, Nicholas   

Tomasulo, Andrew   

Picone, Matthew   

Crawford, Stephen   

Markovits, Alex   

Montagna, Alex   

Leong, Davey   

Deduck, Stephen   

Gianni, Nicholas   

Zambri, James   

Tomasulo, Jonathan   

Rothman, Mike   

Bruckman, John   

Williams, Caitlyn   

Rothenberg, Zachary   

Wilkenson, John   

Crawford, Luke   

Skoog, Alex   

Healey, James   

Skickora, Nicole   

Foti, Patrick   

Hardgrove, Tyler   

Hogan, Eric   


At 5-6-1 with only a few games remaining in the season, the Scotch Plains/ Fanwood ice hockey team has had its fair share of ups and downs. Jason Breit has been performing well at goalie, recording 152 saves. Andrew Scoog, the leading scorer for SPF, leads the surging SPF team who looks to earn a .500 record with a win against Govorner Livingston.


Sport: Boys Swimming

Record: 8-1


Remaining schedule:

UCIAC Team Finals




Baliko, Greg   

Bebout, Sam   

Bransky, Adam   

Bubnov, Chris   

Chang, Henry   

DeBiasse, Andrew   

DeBonis, Dean   

Degnan, Francis   

DiBiasse, Matthew   

Dunn, Joe   

Engelhardt, Austin   

Erickson, Zachary   

Favereau, Alex   

Gajdzisz, Ryan   

Henkels, Ryan   

Marino, Matt  

McKenna, Brendan   

McKenna, Ryan   

McNeil, Eddie   

Misiak, Mike   

Monteiro, Keith   

Peart, Jeff   

Pesin, Dan   

Skoog, Alex   

Sorace, Nick   

Walling, JB   

Warne, Andrew   


The Scotch Plains/ Fanwood boy’s swimming team has only dropped one meet the entire season, which was a close loss to a highly touted Pingry team. With the recent snowstorm, the UCIAC team finals had to be postponed to January 29th. With the season coming to a close in the near future, SPF looks to rebound from their lone loss with a strong performance in the UCIAC team finals.


Sport: Girls Swimming

Record: 5-3


Remaning schedule:

UCC Championships



Roster: Arvizzigno, Francesca   

Bransky, Morgan   

Cirincione, Jacyln   

Colonna, Kathleen   

Cooke, Caroline   

DePaola, Gabriella   

DePaola, Nicole   

DePaola, Rosalie   

English, Caitlin   

Fugett, Jessica   

Greaney, Hannah   

Harris, Melissa   

Ho, Brenda   

Ho, Emily   

Inacker, Tiffany   

Jaczko, Emma   

Keiser, Melissa   

Leahy, Caroline   

Lesce, Caroline   

Mo, Anita   

Napolitano, Julia   

Nardone, Emily   

Nguyen, Claire   

O'Brien, Grace   

O'Brien, Maggie   

Paradiso, Talia   

Roessle, Carlie   

Ryan, Maddie   

Sherry, Emma   

Thompson, Jodie   


The Scotch Plains/ Fanwood girl’s swim team takes a 5-3 record into the UCC Championships to be held at Rutgers University. The Raiders are led by seniors, Jacyln Cirincione, Nicole DePaola, Rosalie DePaola, Caitlin English, Brenda Ho, Melissa Keiser, Emily Nardone, Maggie O’Brien, and Carlie Roessle.


Sport: Bowling

Record: 5-8


Remaining schedule:


NJSIAA Championships



Burgos, Jonathan   

Buttighen, Olivia   

Canfield, Bryan   

Citera, Andrew   

Gentile, Michael   

Haas, Matthew   

Mahler, Sam   

Mannino, Michael   

McGowen, Matthew   

Nicholson, Ryan   

Ruben, Cullen   

Sawchuk, Ryan   

Spera, Theodore   

Stawicki, Nicholas   

Walker-Pierson, Nah’rya   


The Scotch Plains/ Fanwood bowling team takes a 5-8 record into Westfield for a final match before the coveted NJSIAA Championships.