The truth is that we often do not do endings well. Although we need them for good results to happen in life and for bad situations to be resolved, the reality is that most of us often avoid them. Endings are not only part of life; they are a requirement for living and thriving both professionally and personally. 

In business, endings are absolute necessities for a turn-around or for growth to occur. Business leaders change their strategy, hire new blood, get rid of the old, and change management. Organizations change.

In our personal lives, there are relationships that must go, friendships and romantic partners, yet we hold on believing that one day they will change for us. Just as organizations must change for growth, we as individuals must change for personal growth.

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Fear of the unknown and trusting self are behind many of these necessary changes that we avoid. We avoid many of these endings because of fear of confrontation, fear of facing the sadness that will accompany the change, fear of loss, grief, fear of hurting others and fear of our past history. 

Unfortunately, being unable to make these changes creates a place of being “stuck” and unable to move on. Being stuck becomes your normal after a while and discomfort and pain become a way of life.  However, pain is a signal for us that something is wrong and some type of action is required. 

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is what some define as insanity. It is not until we are able to let go of the past that we can move forward with honesty and new insight. Look at the past as a learning experience or as a stepping stone to move you forward to bigger and better opportunities.

Identifying the changes that you want to make is the first step. Oftentimes we are unable to define what improvements we need to make, however, we do know that we are unhappy in our current situation. I

If you need help in order to move beyond where you are, call Hellenic Therapy Center, 567 Park Ave., Scotch Plains. We have a team of licensed professionals who can help you navigate through these changes.  We are available day, evening and weekend hours. Visit or call 908-322-0112.

Hellenic Therapy Center, 567 Park Ave., Scotch Plains has a team of licensed professionals available day, evening and weekend hours who can help. Visit or call 908-322-0112.

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