Dear Editor:

I am amazed at how much my local supermarket offers. It’s evident the owners have carefully curated each aisle to maximize the experience and ensure I would be back. 

But while it had the freshest of everything, I still sometimes leave disappointed.

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I recently asked a helpful employee to direct me to the wine aisle, as I wanted to pair some steak with a nice red. He said the store “was forbidden” from selling wine or beer, courtesy of the State of New Jersey.

It was surprising to me, as I thought such antiquated laws were gone long ago. I had assumed, with all this investment in the “best” and “greatest” supermarkets, that someone, somewhere had decided to allow beer and wine to be sold among all the specialty meats, produce and dairy specifically designed to appeal to customers like me.

So, as a consumer, I have to ask: What am I missing here? Why is it that my local supermarket can sell anything under the sun other than a bottle of red or a six-pack?

Maybe, as New Jersey officials are looking to pass the next law, they can focus on getting rid of the old laws that just make no sense.

Greg Meyers
Scotch Plains