Dear Editor"
In the closing days of the 2019 campaign for Fanwood Mayor and Council, I want to thank the voters of Fanwood for showing their support for our hometown Democratic team during the primary and the fall campaign. The slate led by four-term Mayor Colleen Mahr and including six-term Councilwoman Kathy Mitchell, Councilman Jeff Banks, and new homeowner and future leader Francine Glaser will assure our town's place as a vibrant, family-friendly community for years to come. I endorse this team and hope you will vote for them, regardless of your party affiliation.
As President of the Council and a council member for six years, I stand by our achievements and the promise of the Mahr Team including:
  • Local taxes that have gone down or stayed flat for the last two years and most of the other four during my tenure. 
  • No "sweetheart" deals for developers, but state-approved tax incentives to encourage smart growth where abandoned, dilapidated or polluted land once sat; none of these projects is higher than four stories (no "high rises" by any standard!), none has had any effect on residential tax rates and all have led to our beautiful downtown. Our opponents are woefully uninformed on this subject.
  • A commitment to volunteerism reflected in our volunteer boards, commissions, fire department, rescue squad and, oh yes, our mayor and council who work for a dollar a year and no benefits.
  • A personal commitment to our senior citizens' welfare by six-term Councilwoman Kathy Mitchell who presided over the hiring of our new Senior Program Coordinator. 
  • Long overdue attention to our 80-year old sanitary sewer system with the creation of a sewer utility that we all have to pay for. Better we deal with it now at a relatively low cost than wait for a disaster and spend even more. Other communities around us do the same thing. 
The Borough Council that I've been part of has been as transparent as can be, with at least two public meetings a month, sometimes more, and larger community meetings for hot issues that have included the revaluation, the skate park, curbside recycling, sidewalk construction and residential street traffic to name a few. It's in everyone's best interest to keep it all in the open, and that's what we've done.
Our opponents would know this if they showed enough interest in Borough business to show up at a meeting other than three weeks before the election. Better late than never, I guess.
I hope you'll choose honesty and integrity when you vote this Tuesday, November 5th, and choose Column A, the Mahr Team. 
Tom Kranz
Fanwood Council