Dear Editor:

My name is Jay Morris and I am one of the Republican candidates running for borough council in Fanwood, NJ. 

We need more voices to be heard , and that is why I am running along with Brian Walter. We would like to invite Democratic candidates, Katherine Mitchell and Francine Glaser, to a public debate in the month of October. We want to discuss relevant issues in Fanwood with an unbiased mediator.

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As Americans, we need to begin having more constructive conversations with people we disagree with. This is exactly our goal with the debate. Just like all political parties need to work together on the national and state level, we need different parties to get along and work together at the local level. This results in better decision-making and allows for more voices to be heard. The one-party system that we have in Fanwood does not work for everyone. 

Katherine and Francine, we look forward to your response.

Jay Morris
Republican Candidate for Fanwood Council