Dear Editor:
The Westfield Regional Board of Health reports an uptick in COVID-19 infections both regionally and statewide. In Fanwood, three new cases were investigated, bringing our total to 138. I urge you all to wear masks, wash hands, and social distance, these strategies are proven to suppress contagion. While it is tempting to slack off, continued vigilance is indicated. Additionally, there is a new contact-tracing app from the State of New Jersey, the COVID Alert NJ App. We encourage all residents to download this free app to their phone to help protect yourself, family, and friends and keep up with the latest statewide information.
We have some busy weeks ahead, with CROP Walk, Halloween, and the election all on the calendar.  Due to the economic fallout of the pandemic, The CROP Hunger Walk is more important than ever this year.  We are not accustomed to experiencing food insecurity, but this is the new reality for many of you and your neighbors. Please familiarize yourself with the program below and if you can participate I hope you will.
You are probably already aware that the Recreation Commission has re-imagined Halloween 2020 and if you have not yet signed up for the Halloween Haunted Candy Forest and Pumpkin Decorating you should do so now.  This program will be “by appointment” in order to meet social distance requirements, so slots are limited.  You’ll see the information below on other Halloween programs.
We are in the midst of the election, and I’d like to remind you that there is a ballot drop box installed by the Fanwood Memorial Library on Forest Road.  The box is under 24-hour surveillance and ballots are collected by County officials every day.  With limited in-person voting this year we need to re-learn how to vote, so please review the information below very carefully, and when in doubt, reach out to the Union County Board of Elections at: (908) 527- 4123,, or Fanwood Borough Clerk Kathleen Holmes at
As always, if you are in need, please reach out, we are here to help. Have a wonderful weekend!
Colleen Mahr
Mayor of Fanwood