Dear Residents of Scotch Plains:

As you cast your vote for Mayor of Scotch Plains, it is worthwhile pointing out that one of the biggest differences between the candidates is that we each have very different political values. I am a proud Democrat. I am challenging a former Chairman of the SPF Tea Party.

I am voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The truth is… I would have voted for Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren or Mike Bloomberg. I think virtually anyone is better than the current occupant of the White House (1) who has caused unmeasurable economic and social harm by lying to the American people and playing politics with COVID-19; (2) whose tax plan hurt New Jersey residents by limiting tax deductions to just $10,000; and for so many other reasons. 

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It does not surprise me that the President, and so many around him, have recently tested positive for the virus. It just makes me sad that our political leader is so careless with peoples’ lives. I wish the President a full recovery.

We are being warned that our democracy has never been more at risk. Americans are being urged to vote unlike any time before. I hope more people vote than ever before. Not twice; just once. I want our Country to come together and move forward. I want our country to celebrate and respect all of its citizens and their diversity. I want our country to heal.

I know these are not municipal issues. I still think it is important to share what I am thinking with my fellow residents.

I also think it is important to share my thoughts on some of the more important matters the Town Council deals with. I had thought the Mayor and Town Council Debate would have occurred by now, but of all the available dates proposed by the town’s Democratic and Republican Committees, the only mutually available date appears to be October 29, 2020.

With the debate so far off, and assuming that you may (and you should!) vote early, I summarize below where I stand on issues that affect you, your property and this town.  I hope this information is helpful as you consider your mayoral choices.


  • My pledge is to run this town as cost effectively as possible and clear out waste. 
  • I am supportive of revisiting the concept of merging the Scotch Plains and Fanwood Police Departments if there is a proven benefit to Scotch Plains.

Downtown Redevelopment:

  • We should be open and honest with our residents -- this town is considering a redevelopment plan that is massive and will take time, perhaps a decade or more, to become a reality.
  • This town must consider other potential locations for a new municipal building, police and fire station before harming the Conservation Zone on Plainfield Ave.
  • Redeveloping our downtown and constructing a new library/community center are game changers for Scotch Plains. We must be certain Scotch Plains can afford these undertakings before proceeding.

Green and Recreation Space:

  • Our predecessors planned poorly and Scotch Plains no longer has sufficient green or recreational space for its residents.  We must, therefore, preserve our existing green space and find more where possible. 
  • Our Recreation Commission must consider improving services, such as installing dog parks on the north and south sides of town and using LED sports lighting with pinpoint precision on our athletic fields.
  • We pay a lot of taxes to live here - the town should take even better condition of our parks and fields. Better use of town resources should be considered on all events that consistently have low attendance as well.

There is much more to discuss, and I am happy to do so. Please reach out to me directly with any specific question or matter that you want to see highlighted in this election.

And, finally, please make your voices heard and VOTE!

Josh Losardo
Deputy Mayor of Scotch Plains

Editor's Note: Josh Losardo is running for Mayor on November 3rd.  He may be reached at