Dear Editor:

I call on the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Union County to finally make ethics matter. Your County Administrator, Ed Oatman, should NOT be involved in partisan elections in Union County – EVER!

A County Administrator is an employee of all Union County residents, not just a select few. It is time for you all to stand up and do your job and protect the residents of Union County from unethical behavior.

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This is from the code of ethics of ICMA; a profession city and county manager’s organization:

Elections of the Governing Body. Members should maintain a reputation for serving equally and impartially all members of the governing body of the local government they serve, regardless of party. To this end, they should not participate in an election campaign on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for the governing body.” (Emphasis added)

In this election season, Ed Oatman’s side business, Parktowne Associates, is being paid to do work for Freeholders in this very primary! This administrator should immediately be terminated from his position or STOP all side work within the boundaries of Union County.

His private business should be banned from endorsing or working for any candidates in a partisan election; municipal, county, state and federal. Until that happens every Freeholder is tarnished by this unethical behavior. This is your responsibility, and your job that you were elected to perform – start doing it!

Jack Molenaar
Candidate for Freeholder and Proud Fanwoodian