ROCHELLE PARK, NJ -- The biggest reason executive hires fail is not lack of skills, but an unsuitable culture fit. Yet there are few ways that firms can quantify and assess if a candidate and a company culture are a match.

ZRG, the fastest-growing global executive search firm, has introduced first-of-its-kind technology to predict culture fit for an executive hire. The firm's new Culture Fit Score considers three critical areas and eight specific measures in its proprietary algorithm that can assign a numeric value to a candidate’s experiences and personal assessment. The scores are used to rank the candidates against each other based on the numeric value assigned by the Culture Fit algorithm and increase the chances of making a great hire. This new feature is an enhanced part of ZRG’s digital hiring suite, the Zi Platform.

Direct experience matters, according to ZRG. The company rates leadership candidates based on their knowledge and experience in working with firms that are similar in type (global corporate, PE-backed, or family-owned), size, and stage (startup, growth phase, or turnaround/recovery mode). The Culture Fit Score provides meaningful insight into a candidate fit for a specific client’s culture, as well as indicate how quickly they can be impactful in a new role. The new tool will be included with executive search mandates at no additional cost to clients.

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“Culture fit is the holy grail in hiring, yet you cannot consistently determine culture fit without a proper measurement. We are excited to be a market-mover, setting the pace with new technologies and approaches that leverage our 20 years of data and learning,” said Larry Hartmann, CEO of ZRG. “This helps ensure our clients make the best hiring decisions possible.”

ZRG’s Culture Fit Score takes these factors into account while also including valuable third-party assessment data and highly insightful, curated client interviewing feedback, a critical element in getting a senior hire right. 

“Considering a candidate’s history, assessment results, and interview feedback through our platform creates clarity to ensure great hiring,” Hartmann said. “When we can help our clients assess culture fit and make better informed decisions, we provide a huge competitive advantage in the fight for the right talent. Our ability to reduce the risk of a hiring mistake and facilitate consistent hiring decisions will change how forward-thinking companies address senior-level hiring.”

“Fit is everything,” adds Wendy Murphy, Global Head of ZRG’s Chief Human Resource Officers Practice. “Finding quality talent that uniquely fits the culture of our clients has traditionally been the art form of executive search. With the new Culture Fit Score, we can combine the great work we do in personally assessing a fit with a measured and quantified approach to culture. This is truly a game-changer in getting to hire right across an organization, and it will be scalable across the leadership spectrum for our clients.”

About ZRG
Since 1999, ZRG’s data-driven approach to executive and professional search has been changing the way clients think about finding top talent. Today, ZRG is one of the fastest-growing firms in the search industry and provides a full suite of executive, middle management, project, and interim search solutions globally through its offices in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

ZRG’s sole focus is to match clients with the right leaders, leveraging technological innovation, years of experience, and our ability to identify quality candidates. Strong leadership effectively steers the ship of a company. It’s not uncommon for businesses to falter under sub-par leadership, and that’s where ZRG comes into play by helping firms identify and hire the right leaders. ZRG’s analytical process and collaborative culture give us the competitive edge to provide our clients with the industry advantage.