SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- Getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 news?

Your antidote could be to tune into Scotch Plains resident Drew Weisholtz's "Quarantine Tonight," a nightly comedy act fashioned after NBC's Tonight Show.

How did he come up with the idea?

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"I’m always testing jokes with my wife and had a few in mind when this quarantine started because it was such a new topic for all of us and there are just so many angles," Weisholtz told TAPintoSPF. "Then, we thought it would be funny to do this show with a laugh track, kind of commenting on the ridiculousness of everything we are all experiencing right now."

"After we did the first one – which didn’t have the kids – we thought it was fun to do and people may enjoy a break from the stress of what we’re all enduring," Weisholtz said.

MC Hammer is remaking his song, "Can't Touch This... Or That... Or That Over There."  -- Quarantine Tonight host Drew Weisholtz

The kids like being part of the nightly show and have even tried to come up with their own jokes.

"It’s not always easy to get them to cooperate, but we are all trying our best under the circumstances," said Weisholtz, who does standup comedy gigs periodically. "We even taped an episode of them doing their own show, which we haven’t shared and may do more.

"I'm tired of being C. Everet Coop-ed up... A little '80s healthcare joke." -- Quarantine Tonight host Drew Weisholtz

"My wife found a laugh track app on her phone and tries to hit the right button to go with whatever joke I’m saying. Part of the charm is that sometimes there’s a delay between the punchline and the laughter," he explained. "Or sometimes she hits the track while I’m in the middle of talking. It’s that cheesy production value that makes it funny. But my wife does an amazing job balancing the camera and the laugh track. None of this happens without her"

Weisholtz said his standup inspiration was Jay Leno, in terms of his delivery and talking about the news of the day the way he did on “The Tonight Show.” He is aIso a fan of Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld, the late Mitch Hedberg, and Orny Adams, whom he said really influenced him.

"We are going to party like it's COVID-1999," -- Quarantine Tonight host Drew Weisholtz

His sons Ian and Miles love getting into the act.

"What is the best part about being quarantined," Weisholtz asks.

"Farts!" exclaimed Miles.

"I am indeed working from home, from now until further notice and hope to keep doing the show until we return to normal," said Weisholtz, who admitted that people do submit jokes to the show -- and he has used some of them.

"I’m all for the help, since this may be hard to sustain," Weisholtz said.