Name: Francine Glaser (Democrat)
Current Occupation: Executive Assistant, JP Morgan Chase 
Education:  BA, Planning & Public Policy, Rutgers University, 2015
Family: Husband, Haydn Bowles
How Long Living in Fanwood: 1 year, 3 months
1. Why are you running for Fanwood Borough Council?
When my husband and I set out to purchase our first house, I knew I found my home both literally and figuratively in Fanwood. I was not raised here, but chose to live and build my family here because I could see how much Fanwood has to offer. I have a passion for public service that is rooted in my experience: as an elected member of the Democratic Committee in my former hometown; providing constituent services and navigating the ins and outs of public policy while working for members of the State Assembly; and a degree in Public Policy and Planning. I am running for council because I can see how far the borough has come under Mayor Mahr’s leadership. I want to add my fresh perspective to the strong team on the Borough Council as we set out to continue moving Fanwood Forward.
2. Do you feel you have lived in Fanwood long enough to be a town leader?
Absolutely. I don’t think the length of time that one lives in a town determines the quality of that person as a Council candidate, but it’s the ideas, experience and perspective an individual brings with them along with a desire to help shape the future of the community they call home that makes them qualified. I hope to be the voice for a growing number of young people – individuals, couples and families – who, like me, have chosen to make Fanwood their home.   
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3. Tell us about your career and how your work and life experience will be beneficial in your role as a Councilperson (if elected)?
Addressing the issues of constituents in two legislative districts really opened my eyes to the connection between local governments and residents. From local environmental and development issues to fiscal matters, to everyday concerns, I was exposed early on in my career to the importance of public service centered on addressing the needs of the people in the community. Providing quality services means knowing how to collaborate – with other officials, leaders and agencies - and rolling up your sleeves to get the job done. I feel like my experiences in the Assembly offices has prepared me for a role in elected office better than anything else could. My degree in Public Policy & Planning from Rutgers’ Bloustein school has given me the tools to think critically about many issues that impact Fanwood, such as thoughtful development and meeting the needs of our residents with responsible fiscal and social policies.
4. What are the issues that you think are most important in Fanwood?
There are two important issues Fanwood now faces that I am committed to fighting for: a one-seat ride on New Jersey transit and keeping Fanwood affordable. The one-seat ride directly to Manhattan is important because it impacts the quality of life for so many who rely on the train every day. It would mean less stress and less time commuting. As a daily commuter from Fanwood, I recognize the disadvantage we experience as compared to all the other NJ Transit lines that have a one seat ride. Gaining the one seat ride benefits everyone in town, because it will increase property values.
Keeping our borough affordable is the second big issue we face. I recognize that local government only controls 20% of our tax bill, but I think it is imperative we continue to keep our taxes stable, look for innovative solutions to providing services and opportunities to collaborate with other municipalities where appropriate, so that young families like mine, people who have called Fanwood home for many years, and our seniors can continue to afford Fanwood.
5. What would you like most people to know about you?
As a proud alumna of Rutgers, I continue to give back to the Rutgers community and have embraced lending my experiences to current undergrads as they set out to make career decisions. Earlier this month I was on campus to talk with students who asked for career advice, networking and leadership skills. But I don’t rest on my laurels or experience alone. In my current job I am a part of the women’s business resource group, providing members opportunities to connect with senior employees for mentorship, professional development and growth. Finally -- and perhaps as important as everything else -- my favorite flavor at Rocko’s Ice Cream shop is Chocoholic!
Anything else you would like to say?
I am excited to have found Fanwood; it meets all the qualities I value in a community I now proudly call home. What I have enjoyed the most is meeting so many amazing neighbors out on the campaign trail. I hope to see everyone at the polls on Tuesday, November 5 and respectfully ask for your vote for Mayor Colleen Mahr, Councilman Jeff Banks, Councilwoman Kathy Mitchell, and myself!