FANWOOD — The Fanwood Borough Council saw a presentation from Michael DeBiasse, of architecture and planning firm DeBiasse & Seminara, on the work that needs to be done to restore the Fanwood Community House (the Fanwood Train Station House) at the Council's Monday, August 5, meeting.

DeBiasse said that the wooden structure at the base of the building is deteriorating because of years of salting and moisture from rain and snow. He also explained that new drainage is needed and some stainless steel should be used to protect from future damage. The restoration plan also calls for a weather resistant material, to be added at the base. DeBiasse also discussed a new handicapped-accessible wood ramp.

According to DeBiasse & Seminara's website, the firm specializes in "design for the long-term: balancing utility, aesthetics and life-cycle costs, while protecting resources and avoiding excess."

The cost of this restoration project is estimated to be $165,000. Some matching fund grant money is already in place for the renovation.