FANWOOD, NJ -- Your body, your immunity and especially your sanity need a good night's rest. Whether it's a new mattress or other bedding needs we are here and able to accommodate you safely, within all CDC & local government guidelines. Since 1972, we've been proud to provide excellent and personalized service and can continue to do so even without contact. 

We are a family-owned and operated, premium quality bedding manufacturer in Fanwood, NJ. We build it, we deliver it, and we back it 100% — all at a lower price and superior quality than the name brand competition. Our mattresses have an extraordinarily long lifespan and provide luxurious comfort, and we take pride in delivering the best mattress to suit your individual needs. Our mattress offering include:

  • The Traditional Innerspring Collection: Two-sided mattresses made with the best spring in the industry & most supportive side steel edges, making them both comfortable and long-lasting. These can be flipped & rotated, allowing the cushioning & support pads to recover to their original shape. These are custom-built every single time, meeting your desired firmness level & construction.  
  • The Latex Hybrid Collection: These mattresses give you the best of both worlds: all the support from innerspring and all the comfort from latex. We offer both flippable (with an attached pillow top!) & non-flippable options to cater to your firmness comfort level.  
  • The Latex Nirvana Collection: These provide up to 33% more pressure relief than conventional or memory foam bedding providing outstanding orthopedic support and comfort. They reduce pressure without sacrificing support, cradling all body types and providing a surface that is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. It is our most popular line, and it really puts you in a transcendent state!  
  • The Organics Collection: Our customers asked for it, and we delivered. We offer both a Vegan & Blend option. These mattresses are natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic and made from the greenest materials in the industry. You’ll never have to forego a great night’s sleep to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Custom Mattresses: Since we build each of our mattresses to order, you have the ability to pick the materials, softness, shape and size. We manufacture mattresses for campers, boats, couches, dorms, trundles, sofa beds, foldaway beds, California size beds and more. You name it, we’ve done it! 

A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Bedding Needs
The same unwavering quality we put into our 5-star mattresses is the same consistent and superior quality of the bedding & accessories we offer. We carry a variety of bedding options including: pillows, mattress pads, removable pillow tops, iron bed frames (including hundreds of options that are both well-made and beautiful) as well as adjustable bed frames that offer a variety of features and options to help enrich your sleep experience.

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Interest-Free Financing
We understand that there is no better time than now to invest in good sleep, so we’re offering 12-18 month interest-free financing for our mattresses so you can purchase a top-quality product without committing to a significant outright payment. 

Stop Sleeping Around, Sleep On A Shovlin — Your Dreams Will Thank You 
We greatly appreciate your present and past support (of nearly 50 years!) and are grateful that you've supported local business amid Covid-19. If you have any bedding needs please call us to arrange a contactless shopping experience (make sure to ask us about our new, disposable mattress testing kits)! You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so why not do it on one of the most luxurious, customizable and affordable mattresses in the industry. To learn more, visit our website, connect online or give us a call! is Scotch Plains-Fanwood’s only free daily local news source. Sign up for our free daily eNewsletter and “Like” us on Facebook and Twitter @SPF_TAP. Download the free TAPinto App for iPhone or Android.'s Grand Re-Opening Marketing specials provide local businesses with social media marketing, content marketing, and brand awareness as well as the flexibility to market in neighboring towns. To find out more, click here.