PERTH AMBOY, NJ -- The Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA (FSPY) Swim Team had a strong showing at the YMCA Bronze Championship Meet, held February 8th and 9th at the Raritan Bay YMCA. Swimmers ages 9-18 with YMCA Bronze qualifying times were eligible to compete at this meet. Many FSPY swimmers finished in the top 16 in their individual and relay events across all age groups.

9-10 Age Group

The FSPY 9-10 girls placed in the top 16 in several events, three of which were first place finishes. Top finishers were:

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Jacklyn Choi (5th-100 Back), Mary Ferreiro (1st-50 Back, 50 Fly; 6th -50 Free; 10th-100 Free), Ella Lin (3rd -50 Fly; 5th-100 Free, 100 IM; 11th-100 Back, 50 Free), Sophia Monteith (9th-100 Free; 10th-50 Breast; 11th-100 Breast; 13th-50 Free), Hrishita Paranjape (4th-50 Fly; 10th-100 Breast) Swathi Venkatesh (5th-50 Breast). Anna Victorino (14th-100 Back; 15th-50 Fly).

The 9-10 girls placed 1st (Lin, Paranjape, Monteith, Ferreiro) and 7th (Lexi Baglien, Choi, Annika Jeena, Victorino) in the Free Relay. They also finished 4th (Choi, Lin, Paranjape, Ferreiro) and 6th (Venkatesh, Baglien, Victorino, Monteith) in the Medley Relay.

The 9-10 boys also had several top 16 finishes:

Krish Arora (16th-50 Breast, 100 Breast), Achilleas Balakrishnan (3rd-100 Back; 7th-100 Free; 10th-50 Back; 12th-50 Free), Terry Gould (8th-50 Free; 15th-100 Free), Griffin McClure (6th-50 Fly; 8th-200 IM), Benjamin Zhou (3rd-200 IM; 5th-50 Free; 14th-100 Back)

In the Free Relay, the 9-10 Boys finished 5th (Balakrishnan, Nivaan Mantri, Shastha Venkatesh, Gould). They placed 2nd (Gould, Zhou, Mantri, Balakrishnan) and 11th (Ajith Balaji, Arora, McClure, Henry Waibel) in the Medley Relay.

11-12 Age Group

Below are the top 16 finishers in the individual events for the FSPY 11-12 Girls.

Amelia Condell (5th-100 Fly; 7th-50 Fly; 100 IM; 11th-100 Free), Ashlyn D'Souza (4th-50 Breast; 6th-100 Breast; 8th-50 Back), Emmy O'Hearn (2nd-200 Free; 9th-50 Free), Sophia Yalcin (2nd-100 Breast, 100 Free; 7th-50 Free; 8th-200 Free)

The 11-12 Free Relay team of Condell, D'Souza, Colleen Gillen, Yalcin finished 3rd and the 11-12 Medley Relay (Condell, D'Souza, O'Hearn, Yalcin) placed 4th.

Top 16 finishers for the 11-12 FSPY Boys include the following swimmers.

Atharv Dwivedi (15th-100 Breast), Douglas Gee (4th-200 IM; 5th-100 Back, 100 IM; 8th-100 Fly), Kyle Miller (3rd-100 Fly; 6th-100 Free; 7th-100 IM; 13th-50 Free, 100 Breast)

The 11-12 Relay team of Dwivedi, Ben Fenandoe, Gee and Miller finished 9th in the Medley Relay and 10th in the Free Relay.

 13-14 Age Group

All the FSPY 13-14 girls and boys who competed at the Bronze Championships finished in the top 16 in at least one event. The results for the girls are as follows.

Hannah Alber (3rd-100 Breast; 4th-200 Breast; 7th-50 Free; 10th-200 Free; 14th-100 Free), Helena Chan (7th-200 Free; 12th-100 Fly, 200 IM), Caitlyn Falkowski (6th-200 Back; 10th-100 Back; 13th-100 Fly); Lily Gaulin (5th-200 Fly), Kayla Gould (8th-50 Free; 10th- 100 Fly, 100 Free, 200 IM; 12th-200 Back), Jessica Markwant (5th-100 Breast; 8th-100 Fly)

The relay team of Alber, Chan, Falkowski and Gould finished 2nd in the Free Relay and 5th in the Medley Relay.

Dylan Condell (4th-50 Free; 6th-200 Free; 8th-100 Back, 200 Back) and Robby Lambert (2nd-200 Free; 9th-100 Back; 11th-100 Free; 15th-50 Free) also had a strong meet.

15-18 Age Group

Many of the FSPY 15-18 girls finished in the top 16:

Sophie Gallahue (8th-200 Free; 13th-100 Free; 16th-200 IM), Katelyn Gaulin (10th-200 IM), Avery Higinbotham (3rd-100 Breast, 200 IM; 4th-50 Free; 5th-100 Free), Nicole Kenny (9th-50 Free; 14th-200 Free), Angela Panikiewsky (12th-100 Fly), Kavya Patel (12th-200 Back; 13th-100 Back) Jessica Rojek (12th-200 Breast), Rebecca Ronnen (8th-200 IM), Sylvia Rozlaski  (3rd-50 Free; 4th-100 Back, 200 Back; 11th-200 IM; 16th-200 Free), Skye Sener (5th-100 Back; 11th-100 Free), Gillian Strout (2nd-50 Free; 9th-100 Fly; 10th-100 Back), Julianna Warren (3rd-100 Fly; 5th-100 Breast; 7th-200 IM)

The 15-18 girls relay teams performed well, with Higinbotham, Kenny, Rozalski, and Strout finishing 2nd in the Free Relay and Gallahue, Gaulin, Patel and Sener finishing 7th. In the Medley Relay, the team of Gaulin, Kenny, Sener and Warren placed 4th while Lara Espiritu, Gallahue, Higinbotham, and Rozalski finished 5th.

The 15-18 boys also had several top 16 finishes, two of which were 1st place.

Owen Ferrone (2nd-100 Fly, 200 Breast, 200 IM; 8th-100 Back; 9th-100 Breast), Brandon Jawor (1st-200 Breast; 6th-50 Free, 200 IM; 7th-100 Free, 200 Back; 13th-200 Free), Spencer Linenberg (2nd-100 Breast), Ethan Morrobel (1st-100 Fly; 5th 100 Free; 6th-200 Free; 8th-50 Free)

The relay team of Ferrone, Jawor, Linenberg, and Morrobel placed 2nd in the Medley Relay and 5th in the Free Relay.

The FSPY swim team is a year round competitive team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction. For more information, contact Chris Karelus, Head Coach and Director of Competitive Aquatics, 908-889-8880 x129.