MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The Maplewood Police Department has released additional information about last week's Code Red Alert at Maplewood Middle School and Code Yellow Alert at Columbia High School.
In response to the rumor that there was a "hit list" in the Maplewood Middle School incident, Maplewood Police Captain Dawn Williams issued a statement that "contrary to rumor, there was no 'hit list' recovered during the investigation for the incident at the Maplewood Middle School."
In the same statement Captain Williams stressed that there has been "no information that there will be future fights involving weapons at Columbia High School." However, as a precautionary measure, additional patrols have been assigned to the area of the High School.
Investigation by the Maplewood Police Department established no link between the incident at Maplewood Middle School on Wednesday, June 3, and the incident the following day, June 4, at Columbia High School. 
The juveniles involved in both incidents were arrested and remanded to The Essex County Juvenile Detention Center. A school spokesperson confirmed the juveniles will not be returning to their respective schools.
In response to these events, the South Orange/Maplewood School District will be holding a Town Hall on School Safety on Monday, June 8, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Maplewood Middle School.