I support Donna Smith for South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education. I believe Donna has the right mix of experience, intelligence and compassion to be a valuable member of our Board.

I first met Donna while working on grassroots education issues in our School District. Donna was never shy about expressing her strong beliefs, but always with a smile and a sense of shared community. As a resident of Maplewood, I appreciate how Donna thinks about the future of a school system that serves both towns--South Orange and Maplewood.

What has always impressed me about Donna is her willingness to be involved. From the day her children stepped into our schools, she has worked in the PTA and other parent organizations to improve education for all our kids. Last year, she played a pivotal role in creating the successful petition to stop the Board from spending $8 million on a pool complex. Donna believes (as do I) that the money could be better spent on education for our kids or on tax relief for citizens of our towns.

I know Donna will help our schools continue to deliver great results for our kids. She’ll also work to keep tax increases low and make sure money is spent wisely and efficiently. A vote for Donna is a vote for our children and for our community.

Andrew Lee