Car vs. Truck     

South Orange, NJ – About 2:00 pm Saturday afternoon, a Nissan Sentra had come to a full stop at he intersection of Arnold Terrace and Valley Street to wait for time to cross Valley Street headed towards the Stop and Shop. In reaction to drivers behind the car, the driver finally shot across the street and in so doing hit the left rear tire of the truck.

The Nissan suffered extensive damage to the front end of the car and all the airbags deployed. The only apparent damage to the truck was the one outside left rear time whihch looked like most of the air had been knocked out of it. According to a man who said he witnessed to accident,  fortunately neither driver suffered injuries, however the woman who was driving the automobile was shaken and probably a bit bruised from the impact of the airbags. She was evaluated at the scene by the South Orange Rescue Squad and taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

Seton Towing of Maplewood removed the damaged vehicle, and the truck driver was able to drive the truck away.