SHORT HILLS, NJ - Rashid Burney, President of Building Sciences LLC, and his team are devoted to making homes more energy efficient, more safe, and more comfortable. As Burney explains, "we help homeowners save energy and save money, but we also make their living environment more comfortable than they ever imagined was possible."

Burney states that too often people live in a house where they aren't comfortable, but just make the best of it. Burney says, "we'll meet with customers and they'll tell us that there's one room that's always too cold, or the air is too dry in the winter, but they just live with it. We meet so many people who don't realize it doesn't have to be that way." 
Burney continues, "by making home improvements, the temperature of the home can be regulated to be optimal for your personal preference in every room. Improving circulation and filtration means that air quality is maintained to provide maximum comfort throughout the house as well."
Building Sciences LLC starts by using a nationally established audit to conduct Home Energy Audits and/or Home Comfort Diagnostics. Once this step is completed, Burney and his team work with the homeowner to determine which renovations will make the biggest impact - for example, replacing the heating and cooling systems or adding installation. 
Figuring out which issues are the most important ones to fix is one of the many services Building Sciences LLC provides to homeowners. Burney points out that "too often customers are focusing on problems that are the mice - they need to look for the elephants. With our years of experience, we can help them do this, and fix the problems in their home that are the most crucial."
Not only does Building Sciences help homeowners focus on the correct areas for renovation and repair, but they also help homeowners find the best ways to pay for these improvements. There are subsidies available from the State of New Jersey, as well as other incentives that Building Sciences LLC help homeowners utilize.
How much can homeowners expect to save? "It depends," Burney states "but if you convert from oil to gas you can expect to save money from Day 1." Right now, Building Sciences is offering a special deal for oil to gas conversion, with monthly payments of $119.04 (more details here), often with no money down.  In many cases, the savings in heating and cooling offset the money loan bills.

Building Sciences LLC has conducted over 4,000 home energy audits over the last seven years, and since 2010, Building Sciences LLC has completed more than 800 projects under the NJ Clean Energy Program, making them #1 in Central and Northern NJ.
For the three past consecutive years the prestigious Department of Energy Century Award was presented to Building Sciences LLC, the only contractor in Northern New Jersey to achieve this recognition. 
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