Dear Editor,

Few residents have logged more volunteer hours for our community than Karen Hilton, Walter Clarke and Steve Schnall, all three of whom my husband and I heartily endorse for Village Trustee. Individually, they possess highly relevant skills, experience and knowledge. Together, they will promote good governance and community vitality.

Karen and I have been friends for 15 years and have volunteered together for the library and the middle school (Karen as a leader, me as a grunt). She is passionate about local and state government, including complex issues such as school funding formulas. She is also a life-long fighter for social equity, a consensus-builder and a profoundly decent human being. She would make a fantastic trustee.

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I have also known Walter for years. It’s hard to imagine a more engaged and genuine person. I was thrilled to vote for him in 2013 based on his commitment to sustainability. In office, Walter has brought a laser focus to improving our town’s water supply, infrastructure and services while reducing our environmental impact. He should be given a second term to continue the work he as begun.

Steve also deserves another term. As a Village trustee and founder of the SouthNext festival, he has proven his commitment to a diverse and culturally-rich community and his ability to make good things happen. Along with Karen, he and Walter will continue to focus on the fiscal health, transparency and efficiency of our government.

While powerful as a package, the three candidates are also independent thinkers and will not walk in lockstep. They will work effectively and respectfully with their fellow trustees.

For an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable South Orange, vote “South Orange 2017” on May 9th!