Dear Editor

I am writing to urge my fellow friends and South Orange residents to vote on May 9th for Walter Clarke and his running mates. I am excited to endorse Steve, Walter and Karen in the race for Village trustees. I have worked with both Walter and Steve for the past ten years on various projects. I can say with great conviction that we, as a town couldn't ask for more committed and hardworking individuals than these three.

Walter Clarke is committed to environmental, scientific and global initiatives that impact our small town and the world. His passion is 'grounded' in real facts and 'River Day'. Both Walter and Steve have worked  to help the initiatives within the Community Garden Community and the Improvement of the Irvington Avenue Business Corridor. As a trustee, Walter Clarke has served our town to help contain costs, improve recreational facilities and improve infrastructure. 

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Steve Schnall knows business and his humor, open mindedness and love for our community is outstanding. He fosters the push for improved technology and transparency in our local government. His creativity is evidenced with his continued efforts to have an artistic community here, hence South by South Orange. Steve 's generosity in serving also extends out to the Essex County community with his service to our junior college. 

While Karen Hilton is new to the slate, she has been an active villager with deep roots in our schools and at the public library. She is a founding President of SOPL Foundation. Her work on the overhaul of the library and the historic Connett building is well documented. Her presence will balance the team and continue leadership on matters that we all value.

In summary, these three villagers have years of quantified service to our town. This team is exemplary for energy, commitment, teamwork and pursuit of the public's interest. I encourage you to vote for all three. Your vote counts, and your choice matters, please turn out for South Orange 2017 on May 9th.