I am writing to endorse Steve Schnall for South Orange Village Trustee in the upcoming election May 9. Over the past few years, I have worked with Steve on several community development projects including ArtBender and SouthNext. He is devoted to building the unique creative potential of our town and works tirelessly behind the scenes to move projects along and build bridges within our town and with other resources outside of our community. He is always busy creating new and innovative opportunities for us.
I have seen first hand his support for the business community, residents, town officials and employees. He has a common sense approach to getting things done, and even when he may not always agree, he listens respectfully, takes requests further up the chain and explores all options, and I’ve seen him do that with many, many people. Steve knows the real hurdles you have to jump over to make change happen. Nevertheless, South Orange is growing and transforming beautifully, and in no small part to the work he and his colleagues have done for us. No one could ask for a more hard-working or effective representative. Nor, honestly, a nicer guy.
I myself am someone who cares deeply about this town, it’s diversity, creativity, uniquely communal experience and vitality, and I can’t wish for a better partner than Steve Schall. I have been impressed with the humanity and intelligence of him and his running mates Walter Clarke and Karen Hilton and know that their team will continue to build on the vision of this town as a crossroad for all communities from all backgrounds to learn and grow stronger from each other.