The Families for Ethical Education Initiative has been busy planning for our upcoming year. We will be meeting on the fourth Sunday of each month with our first platform on September 24th. This year we will be exploring the question, “How do I fit in?”

We will explore all aspects of our lives, family friends, school, work, etc. Our theme in every event is built upon ethical culture’s perspective that all persons have inherent worth and have a place in the global family. The Sunday morning structure will stay the same. We will begin all together as a multi-generational community. Then the students will leave and through literature, art and music will explore the week’s idea while the adults will stay and do the same exploration based on a topic by a visiting speaker. We will come together at the end to share our explorations. Then a bit of refreshment before we all head off. All information, including dates and topics will be available in September. We want you to plan for the year!

This year Amy Blake will continue to serve as Curriculum Director for Families for Ethical Education and Shannon Kirk, a professional educator, will join as Pre-K instructor. Martha Gallahue will coordinate the initiative with the Board and the Educational Committee, (in addition to Amy, Shannon and Martha) Betty Levin and Meredith Sue Willis. We are grateful to both Elaine Durbach, Sunday Program Coordinator, and Jeanine Rosh, Personnel Coordinator and Treasurer of the Board, for their support.

Please join us September 24th for another inter-generational event as we begin our school year together. This month we’ll be having an open house to get to know each other. “How do I fit in?” is our ethical exploration for the year. Everyone has a place at Ethical Culture. Come find yours! These activities are for both children and adults as well as an opportunity to meet the curriculum director and pre-k teacher and all those involved. We hope to see you on the 24th. Bring a friend!