Our school district is on the brink of a “generational decision,” as described by the new superintendent, Dr. Ronald Taylor. We need Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad’s experience, leadership, and courage on the Board of Education to shepherd the implementation of SOMSD 2021: Intentional Integration & Innovation.  With six years of experience on the BOE, Stephanie knows first-hand how contentious change can be and how challenging it is to be in the hot seat when it’s time to make big decisions. The Board will need her insight and historical knowledge, as well as her unwavering commitment to equity, to make sure this “generational decision” is not derailed, as efforts to address integration have been sidelined repeatedly in the past.

Stephanie also understands the importance of improving the school climate and culture in our district. We can only truly move forward as a district when all of our students feel welcomed and safe, with an understanding of high expectations and support. With resources becoming tighter every year, Stephanie’s push for Restorative Justice implementation and effective professional development in cultural competency is critical. Improved school climate will benefit ALL students!

Having overlapped with Stephanie on the BOE for her first three years, I’ve witnessed her ability to work respectfully with the administration while also holding them accountable. Stephanie focuses on solutions not placing blame. The Board’s relationship with central office administration, most of whom are new to our district as Dr. Taylor builds his team, will be key during the next few years. Stephanie has a proven track record of keeping her eye on the big picture, asking tough questions of the administration, then following through with administration to make sure the necessary adjustments are made. Stephanie’s governing skills are vital to the Board with the changes facing our district.  

Please join me in voting for Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad on November 5th!