Did you know a pint of your blood can help save 3 lives following component (red cell, platelet, plasma) separation in the next forty-two days? This is one of the statistics that I have heard as a blood donor. My father started me donating with the Red Cross at 18 years old.

Agreeably the gift of your blood is a gift that is most precious; please do not stop donating after the Holidays.

Did you know that every month this Garden State has to purchase blood from our Neighboring states to supply our own needs?  This is the statistic that drove me to coordinate the Rotary Blood Drive in South Orange and Maplewood. These statistics are from the NJ Blood Services a division of the New York Blood Center www.NYbloodcenter.org.

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The sponsors are the South Orange Rotary www.southorangerotary.org, Maplewood Rotary www.maplewoodrc.org, the Seton Hall University Rotaract and the South Mountain YMCA Teen Leaders Interact clubs.  Our hope is to hold blood drives monthly on the fourth (sometimes last) Monday of every month from 2:30- 7 pm at The Baird Center, 5 Mead Street, South Orange.  

Right now we have the next three set up for January 25th, March 28th and May 23rd. So mark you calendars, we’ll see you there and maybe next year we can schedule one every month.

Stacey Borden, President -Elect

South Orange Rotary Club