Dear Friends,
The great Herb Brooks (Coach of the 1980 US Hockey Team’s Miracle on Ice) once said “Great moments are born from great opportunity." Over the past several months our hard work has given us this great opportunity. We now stand at the precipice of bringing a new day to Trenton, but it is far from over. We are within the last days of campaigning. Over the last months of campaigning we have hit over 30,000 doors, talking to the residents of this district and listening to the issues that matter most to you. It is clear we are ready for a change.

We are close to disrupting Trenton’s status quo and bringing your voice back to our state’s government. We now need your help to accomplish this goal. Your financial support is the difference between victory and defeat on November 3rd. Every dollar raised helps us bring a higher standard of public service to Trenton.

There is only one day left to seize this great opportunity. Let’s work together to ensure that we can finish this race the right way. Let’s work together to make sure each person in this district has the representative they deserve. Let’s work together and bring a new day to Trenton.

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Putting your family first,

Q Rim