Grocery shopping takes on a new meaning at Sadie’s! 

This week we are introducing the brand Groceries Apparel. Their focus is to create fashion pieces with a purpose by using organic and recycled materials and made right here in the USA. With a focus on seed to skin these new items are sexy meets “green” with super soft shirts made from eucalyptus and versatile jackets made out of organic cotton and recycled plastics blended to create a soft and sustainable material.  If I were heading out for an after dark cocktail I would have to wear the cypress tunic over the Lisa Turtle dress.  Come check off your grocery list at Sadie’s and be mindful of the world as you make “green” the new black. Available in store and online at
“What you do makes a difference. You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make” – Groceries Apparel

Horoscope of the week: if your birthday is between Nov 16th-23rd, Venus is in your moon and the holidays are coming soon, Happy Birthday enjoy 10% off at Sadie’s this week!

Sadie's is located at 65 Valley Street in South Orange.