SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – The stunning group art exhibition entitled, “Breaking Through Tradition,” at the Pierro Gallery of South Orange on the second floor of The Baird will be on display through May 3.  The show was curated by Alexsandra Simakowicz and Maureen Harrison, students in the M.A. Program in Musem Professions at Seton Hall University.

“We started working on this last March,” said Simakowicz.  “It took us a while to come up with the theme of social change and social issues in America.”

“When we put out the call for art, we said ‘These are some of the changes we are seeing around the world and in America,’ and we wanted to find art that reflected those changes in a positive way,” said Harrison.

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Exhibitions curated by Masters students at Seton Hall used to be displayed only in the Walsh Gallery on campus.  Now, the Walsh displays one show per year and the Pierro Gallery displays two, giving the community-at-large easier access to the work.

“We have been very fortunate to work with Sandy Martiny here, and to be able to utilize this space for our exhibit,” said Simakowicz.  “She made us think and have reasons why we would want something in the show.  It helped us hone in on what we really wanted.”

Sandy Martiny, Assistant Director- Cultural Affairs at The Baird has found the collaboration rewarding.

“I love the relationship we have with Seton Hall University,” Martiny said.  “It is energizing to work with young, smart students who really want to do things.”

Artists featured in the exhibition include Francesca Azzara, Aileen Bassis, Pauline Chernichaw, Lawrence Ciarallo, Patricia Dahlman, Chris Espositio, Diana Jensen, Katrina Majkut, Deborah Pohl, Trix Rosen, Patrica Cazorla and Nancy Saleme, Vaughn Spann, and Taryn Wells.

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