SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - At South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness (known as "South Orange Rehab"), the patient always comes first, from the first moment they walk in the door and are greeted at the front desk, to their last session when their therapist creates a post-physical therapy wellness plan.

South Orange Rehab provides "head to toe" physical therapy which is professional, individualized, and effective, with the goal of getting patients moving freely again without pain and discomfort, and then continuing on their wellness journey once their physical therapy has ended.

All of the physical therapists at South Orange Rehab are certified in the latest techniques and have experience treating a wide-range of injuries, including those caused by sports, motor vehicle accidents, and slips and falls. In addition, therapists work with patients to prevent the occurrence of future injuries, for example, by working with student athletes before the sports season begins.

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Other conditions which respond well to physical therapy include repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, and chronic back and neck pain.

Patients and therapists are seen as partners at South Orange Rehab, and patients always work with the same therapist in order to develop an ongoing relationship and to facilitate the therapist's ability to communicate with the referring physician on the patient's progress to ensure coordinated and complete care is delivered. Every few visits the therapist writes notes to the patient's doctor to communicate changes and other important information.

Dr. Priscilla Amponsah, who has a Master's of Science in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine and a Doctorate in Physiotherapy from Seton Hall University, is one of the therapists at South Orange Rehab. She explained that there are a variety of reasons people seek physical therapy, with some of the most common reasons being post-op, as a preventive measure, and prior to a return to sports after an injury. 

"We've seen patients as young as eight, all the way up to those in their 80s," said Amponsah.

Amponsah added that everything they do at South Orange Rehab is patient-centric and focused on making sure the patient has a positive experience. 

In keeping with their philosophy of "patient first," South Orange Rehab is flexible with schedule changes and other patient requests.

South Orange Rehab sees physical therapy as "only the beginning" to total wellness. In addition to their primary goal of returning patients to the range of motion they had before an injury or surgery, they also aim to help them achieve a healthy quality of life after the injury has healed.

"It's all about preventive care and education," said Amponsah. "We make a plan that fits with you."

South Orange Rehabilitation and Wellness is located at 177 Valley Street in South Orange. For more information or to make an appointment or consultation, visit their website at or call 973-761-0077.

All physical therapy sessions are by appointment.