MONTCLAIR, NJ -  Mark Gruenwald, late writer of Catain America comics, will have his legacy honored in a unique way on August 7.
His widow, Catherine Schuller, will be coming to Montclair on August 7 for an appearance at East Side Mags and display a unique signing of a commemorative piece with his remains stirred into the autograph stamp.
Schuller is no stranger to Montclair. The former supermodel, turned fashion pioneer for plus size women, has hosted Montclair Fashion Night and spent considerable time during several guest appearances at Atlelier.
Schuller said that her late husband Gruenwald had been the longest runnng writer of the Captain America series until his sudden death 20 years ago.

She said, "Twenty years ago as executor of his will I was instructed by him to have him cremated and his ashes put into a comic book."
She then had part of his remains stirred into the ink of the graphic novel Squadron Supreme. She added that technological advances have made it possible for her to now use the other portion of his ashes in a special way by mixing them into a commemorative autograph.
Schuller explained, "I'm using his ashes in a unique way called the Ashograph."
She continued saying that at the August 7 appearance, she will display, " autograph of Mark's stamped on the back of a commemorative piece with the ink having tea ash/cremains mixed in it." 
There is also commissioned work that is going up for auction on charity buzz on August 12 to honor the 20th year anniversary of his death.