BLOOMFIELD, NJ - The Bloomfield Center renaissance continues as Lecia Bianca Jewels becomes a style destination on main thoroughfare in this Essex County Community. Lecia Clay, owner of the boutique, describes her jewelry as 'bridge jewelry,' - pieces that are in a space between costume jewelry and fine jewelry, while having value. 

'Lecia Bianca' is the culmination of a career spanning North America and Europe. Clay was an international buyer for Bonwit Teller for 18 years. While there, Clay had the opportunity to offer her experience as a personal shopper for clients of the flagship store on Avenue of the Americas. She found herself often styling celebrities including Diana Ross. 

The 'Lecia Bianca' brand was established in 1998. The model was to meet clients in person. The Bloomfield Ave. location provides the opportunity for clients to clients to experience most of the collection in one place. 

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In conversation, Clay explained that she likes to have conversations with clients to educate them about jewelry, especially determining what is worth the investment and if there is a level of heirloom. The boutique is not a street level shop, it is akin to an experience that one would find in a seamstress or tailor who makes custom clothing. The pre-war lobby and restored architectural details of the lobby and entryways harken back to the days of carriage trade when retail was about more than mass production. Everything offered by Lecia Bianca is one of a kind. 

The Fashion Institute graduate studied interior design and lives in Europe. That experience, and her love of neo-classical style, strongly influenced her collection. In hunting for the words to describe the collection, Clay referred to the showroom as "nothing but spectacular." Close examination of the pieces on display show the detail and handwork of each piece. 

On of the unique elements of the business is that it is an appointment based experience. That enhances the personal shopping element of the boutique. 

In addition to the boutique, Clay started a foundation called "Women That Win" for successful women who have stumbled. "People fall for many reasons." she explained, including divorce, illness, and downsizing. Clay explained at that a certain level, it is hard to get assistance from the sources that first come to mind. The foundation will give these women a hand to get past a situation. 

Appointments are available by calling (973) 936-8446

Lecia Bianaca is the latest boutique to open in Bloomfield Center.