To the Editor and Fellow South Orange residents:

I am submitting this letter to voice my strong support for the candidates Steve Schnall, Walter Clarke and Karen Hilton in their bid for a seat on the Board of Trustees for South Orange Village.

As a longtime resident, I have seen a number of administrations in action.  While each has done admirable work, the current group has truly distinguished themselves.  They have been a competent, hard working collective.

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President Collum and the Board have not shied away from difficult tasks and the Village is a better place because of these smart, hardworking people.

As a member of the Village Planning Board for a number of years, I have seen firsthand what Trustees Schnall and Clarke have been able to accomplish.  The downzoning (and rescue) of our cherished Orange Lawn Tennis Club, along with the swift approval for the sale of village hall-- saving taxpayers $8M, adding a ratable, and bringing in one of the most reputable, award winning restaurant groups in the state-- these projects could not have been done without the tireless outreach of Trustees Schnall and Clarke with the neighborhood associations and local stakeholders. 

I strongly urge you to cast your vote for  Steve Schnall, Walter Clarke and very capable candidate Karen Hilton in the upcoming Election.