It’s been a privilege to meet and talk with so many wonderful people in District 27. This road to the State Assembly has been quite a journey for our family and I’m excited to share my endorsement of Q Rim and his campaign! Q is one remarkable individual. He’s my confidant, my teammate and best friend – really, he is! He’s a man that has such a servant’s heart and thrives on helping others. His attention to other people amazes me as he is constantly putting others and their needs before his own desires. He leads our family of five with strength and selflessness. Q is an energetic, natural-born coach and really enjoys watching people lead rewarding lives while fulfilling their own destiny. It takes a really great listener to be a dynamic leader – fortunately, this is one of Q’s greatest qualities. Being a problem solver is also an innate attribute that he possesses. As you can imagine, with three little ones, this trait is quite helpful to me on a daily basis! I’m so proud of my husband and this step he has taken to help lead this community. My support and my children’s support for him and this campaign is unending and unwavering – this is a team effort! It is a true joy to serve and assist him in any way we can – Q makes you WANT to help, WANT to engage and WANT to change the status quo. He is burdened to make a difference and give back to the communities that offered him so much in his own childhood. The time in now! As he puts your families first and endeavors to bring your voices to Trenton, I ask for your help, your prayers and your support towards this final push to November 3rd! Thank you and God bless you!  - Faith

Vote Q Rim on Nov. 3!