MAPLEWOOD, NJ - It's Maker Madness this Saturday, April 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Columbia High School. The Achieve Foundation is hosting the event which is their "way of bringing STEAM education to the community."

According to organizers, this "free, hands-on educational event for families offers an interactive, museum-like experience that is equal parts demonstration (teaching) and experimentation (creation and play)."

The event is geared toward school-age children, especially those who do not have access to technology in their homes or who want to try their hands at building, designing and creating projects with the help of STEAM experts from the school district and broader community.

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Here is a list of the 24 stations that are planned for Saturday's event:

  • "StopMotion" LEGO Animatiion - Create a stop-motion animation film with LEGOs. Bring your ideas to life in animated films that you can take with you.
  •  Electronics Teardown - Come take apart old electronics (and you don't even have to put it back together). See what's inside old printers, computers, and other types of electronics. Ever see the inside of a hard drive?
  • Crime Scene Investigation Activities - Are you interested in using science to solve crimes? Come out and participate in some activities to learn more about this!
  • Play Dough Making- Mix your own batch of playdough with common kitchen ingredients. Walk down to the lego stop motion animation for some Clay-mation
  • Tensile strength machine and artifical joint demos
  • Virtual Reality- Come try Virtual Reality; experience an Oculus Rift, or come build your own Google Cardboard headset to use with your phone
  • Kite Making- Design, build, and decorate kites then take them outside and fly them.
  • Marble Roller Coaster- Come see our expanded 8' marble machine, and try your hand at building roller coasters for marbles.
  • Music Station
  • Woodworking
  • Kinetic Sculpture
  • Robot Zoo- Check out the wide variety of robots built by the CHS Robotics Club, animals, putting robot, paper airplane launcher.
  • Drawing Robots- Teach a robot to draw a picture of your design using a visual programming language (easy to learn!).
  • Screen Printing
  • Creating Batteries- Build your own batteries out of everyday materials. Explore alternative energy.
  • Hovercraft in the Halls- Turn a leaf blower into a hovercraft? See it on YouTube and come drive one yourself.
  • Harmonograph- Play with a real Harmonograph; a table with three pendula used to make beautiful, intricate mathematical patterns on a sheet of paper. Experiment by varying the motion, weights and length of the pendula.
  • Engineering- Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge
  • MakerTown- Become an architect for a while and help build a replica of SOMa villages (or whatever you want to build) out of upcycled cardboard with cool tools and fasteners. Top off your creative effort with painting and decorating.
  • Green Rockets- Take to the sky with the explosive power of water rockets.
  • Programming
  • Sewing
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Drones- Watch drones in action and witness flying from the drones point of view.

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