MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Starting Oct. 1, containers made of polystyrene foam will no longer for sale or distribution in the Township. The final passage of the new Maplewood ordinance on March 31 bans the material commonly known by the brand name Styrofoam. 

The Township Committee assembled by video conference and had a brisk meeting, which included the new green rule, modeled on one passed by Summit on Dec. 3, 2019. Ordinance 2990-20 states, in part, “food providers are prohibited from providing prepared food and/or raw food in disposable food service ware that contains polystyrene foam.” In addition, “No person may sell, offer for sale, or otherwise distribute within the Township of Maplewood any disposable food service ware that contains polystyrene foam.” Foam packing peanuts are also included in the ban. 

The new ordinance also states that “All Township facilities, Township-managed concessions, Township-sponsored events, and Township-permitted events are prohibited from using polystyrene foam disposable food service ware. This prohibition shall apply to the event organizers, agents of the event organizers, event food vendors, and any other party, including nonprofit organizations, who enters into an agreement to provide food with one or more of the co-sponsors of the event,” and “Township departments are prohibited from purchasing polystyrene foam disposable service ware.”

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Exempted from the rule are “Raw or prepared foods prepared or packaged outside the Township of Maplewood. Providers of food prepared or packaged outside of the Township of Maplewood are encouraged to comply with the provisions of this section.”

Other ordinances passed included one to create the Department of Engineering and Public Works; this combined the Department of Engineering and the Department of Public Works and consolidated the supervision of the newly created department. The Public Works Department had been operating under an acting director since the termination of previous director Calvin Bell in January. 

Another passed ordinance revised the towing fee to $150 within the Township of Maplewood or to the towing licensee's storage facility, should your car be towed by police order. The annual registration fee for rental properties in the town has been increased by ordinance to $75 and the missed appointment fee for standing up the rental property inspector in to $25.

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