MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The Maplewood Chamber of Commerce held its monthly breakfast meeting at St. James's Gate on Wednesday. The meeting featured a mini-workshop, Confidence – The Secret Sauce, presented by Diana M. Galer, Ph.D., PC, MP-ELI, of Galer Coaching for Excellence.

In Galer's workshop, the main message she conveyed is that "confidence is the mindset or belief that you have the capacity to achieve and are worthy of success.” Building upon this statement, Galer led an interactive discussion with Chamber members, emphasizing six behaviors to avoid because they sap confidence, and suggesting how to replace them with new, more productive habits. Galer concluded with the recommendation that "everyone should make a commitment to change at least one habit to help them in their quest for success."

At the meeting, Karen Duncan of Matters Magazine announced that Rene Conlon, Executive Director of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce, will be leaving around June 1, as she is moving to South Carolina.

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In order to honor Conlon before her departure, instead of being held in June, the Chambers' Annual Spring Luncheon will be moved up to May 25, when Conlon will be recognized for her many contributions to the Chamber.

To learn more about the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce, visit its website here.