The Maplewood Fire Department recently placed two new ambulances in service, which were blessed and dedicated on May 20 at a ceremony held in front Maplewood Fire Headquarters on Dunnell Rd. The blessing was given by the fire department Chaplain Father Jim Worth from St. Joseph’s Church in Maplewood. The dedication was attended by Mayor Victor DeLuca, Deputy Mayor Nancy Adams, Committeeman Greg Lembrich and daughter Caroline Lembrich, Chief Michael Dingelstedt along with several members of the fire department.

The ambulances are designated as Rescue 36 and Rescue 37 and respond out of Maplewood Fire Headquarters by the department’s EMTs. Rescue 36 is a remounted 2005 Road Rescue Ambulance onto a 2016 Ford F450 4-wheel drive chassis. The refurbishment consisted of the removal of the patient compartment from a 2005 Ford F350 2-wheel drive chassis. The refurbishment, including the change from a 2-wheel drive to a 4-wheel drive vehicle benefits the fire department and residents of Maplewood in the winter months during inclement weather. The remounting had an estimated cost savings of $100,000 versus purchasing a brand new ambulance.

Rescue 37 is a brand new 2017 Braun Ambulance on a Ford F450 4-wheel drive chassis.  This ambulance replaces the 2012 Chevy Ambulance that was destroyed from fire inside Maplewood Fire Headquarters on September 27, 2015.

Both ambulances will be utilized on an alternating basis and will respond to an estimated 1500 – 2000 EMS calls a year.