MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The Maplewood Fire Department has revised Emergency Medical Services (EMS) protocols, according to a release from Maplewood Fire Chief Michael R. Dingelstedt.

These revisions are "in response to concerns raised about the response time when an eight year old suffered a seizure on March 23," according to the release from Dingelstedt.

The release stated that as a result of reviewing current dispatching procedures, and consulting with fire department officers and the Maplewood Township's Public Safety Committee, the operating procedures have been revised as follows:

  • The South Orange Rescue Squad (SORS) will be the primary back-up ambulance to Maplewood during the evening and weekend hours when they have a crew available.
  • The MONOC ambulance service will be the primary back-up ambulance to Maplewood during hours when the SORS is not in service.
  • When both the SORS and the MONOC are unavailable, secondary mutual aid will be provided to Maplewood by the following agencies in this order: University Hospital EMS, Union Township EMS, Union County EMS.
  • Anytime a mutual aid ambulance is dispatched to Maplewood, the Regional Emergency Medical Communications System (REMCS) of Metropolitan New Jersey will notify the Maplewood Fire Department’s on-duty platoon commander of the nature of the call in order to maintain situational awareness. REMCS is housed at University Hospital.
  • For life-threatening emergencies, the Maplewood Fire Department will continue to respond with an engine or ladder when the Department’s ambulance is out on a call.

In addition, the Fire Department’s standard operating procedure (SOP) flow charts were clarified to reflect types of emergencies for first-responder responses by an engine or ladder company, and the language was updated to reflect current agencies involved, according to Dingelstedt.