March 11 update: No rail strike, NJ Transit and unions reach settlement

MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The Maplewood Township website has been updated with information about plans in the event of a NJ Transit strike, which is predicted to begin as soon as Monday, March 14, if negotiations between NJ Transit and the rail union do not reach a resolution.

Information from the Maplewood website is as follows:

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In preparation for a strike, Maplewood officials developed a contingency plan. “We will help residents get to work by using our jitneys and facilitating ride sharing,” said Mayor Vic De Luca. “Please plan to start your commute earlier than usual and for those able to do so, we encourage you to work at home or from the Maplewood Library buildings,” said De Luca.

Transportation options will be available to Maplewood residents ONLY.

Ride-Share program:
Maplewood Township will open two (2) Ride-Share hubs: 
• Maplewood Pool Parking Lot on Boyden Avenue 
• DeHart Community Center on Burnett Avenue.

Commuters interested in carpooling (drivers and passengers) will be able to make arrangements by visiting the Township’s Ride-Share Facebook page. The page will be set up to identify those willing to drive and those interested in being passengers. Instructions will be given so that drivers and passengers can connect and make arrangements with one another.

Maplewood Pool Parking Lot: 
Limited parking will be available for commuters to park vehicles in the Maplewood Pool parking lot. Commuters are encouraged to get dropped off at this location to avoid traffic congestion and parking difficulties.

DeHart Community Center: 
There will be no parking available in the DeHart Community Center lots. Commuters are asked to use residential streets (all day parking available) and walk to the Community Center to meet their rides.

Jitney Services to Irvington Bus Terminal:
During the strike, the jitneys will not pick up passengers at the established jitney stops.

The jitney buses will transport Maplewood commuters to and from Maplewood Town Hall and the Irvington Bus Terminal on Springfield Avenue.

Bus options at the Irvington Terminal:
• Number 25 express and regular buses to Newark Penn Station (25 to 35 minutes). The bus fare is $1.60 each way and exact change is required. You may be able to use your Maplewood rail pass for the fare. From Newark Penn Station, commuters will be able to take the PATH to Wall Street or 33rd Street. There is an additional fare required for the PATH. Also at Newark Penn Station is the NJ Transit Number 108 bus to New York Port Authority. Fare is $6.00 each way and exact change needed. The trip is about 40 minutes.
• Number 107 bus to New York Port Authority is available at the Irvington Terminal but it is expected that these buses will be at capacity prior to arriving at the Terminal. This is an exact fare route. The bus fare is $7.00 each way.

Morning commute: 5:00am to 9:00am
Jitney buses will line up in front of Maplewood Town Hall to transport commuters to the Irvington Bus Terminal. There will be no parking available in the Town Hall lot. Commuter parking rules on the streets around the train station and Town Hall will remain in effect. Jitney riders without parking permits should be dropped off near Town Hall.

Evening/Night commute: 6:00pm to 9:30pm
Jitney buses will be available at the Irvington Terminal at a location to be determined. Commuters will be dropped off in front of Maplewood Town Hall.

These services are only available for Maplewood residents and proof of residency is required. Jitney passes will be valid. Non-jitney pass holders have to pay a $1 fare (exact change). Seats are limited and transportation for all commuters is not guaranteed. Please plan on arriving early and waiting for jitney availability.

Additional Option For Residents Living Near Springfield Avenue
There are four (4) Number 375 express buses that run from Maplewood to Newark Penn Station between 7am and 7:50am. The trip is about 30 minutes. Additionally, there are Number 25 non-express buses that run throughout the morning and take just over a half hour. The fare is $2.55 and you need exact change. Springfield Avenue bus stops include Indiana Street, Princeton Street, in front of Dollar Tree, in front of Walgreens and Boyden Avenue.

See for bus schedule and fare information.

Maplewood Library Work Space:
There are three rooms at the Main Library that can be used for meetings and conferences. The Hilton Branch also has meeting space. Please contact the library to reserve work space. Wi-Fi is available at the library.

Information for South Orange commuters in the event of a NJ Transit strike can be found here.