Attention Maplewood Residents,
Significant changes have occurred in the recycling industry market which directly impact our weekly curbside recycling program
These significant changes require us to make adjustments to regarding the type of item we collect and will disallow moving forward.
Some of the items that we will now disallow were previously considered recyclable.
In order to manage costs and potentially significant incremental cost for our town, we must adhere to these changes in the recycling industry market.
Among the changes include NO plastic bags of any kind including plastic lawn bags and all retail and supermarket bags. In addition, the collection of any recyclables placed within plastic bags.  
All plastic bags should be disposed of with your regular household waste. Any items placed in plastic bags will be left at the curbside and remain uncollected.
Regarding Other plastics, we will only be able to recycle plastics that are labeled #1, or #2. Plastics #1 and #2 include  (SEE LIST)
All other plastics should be discarded with your household waste.
All changes take effect this Monday, July 9th
Please take the time to visit the following link for further information on these important changes to our recycling guidelines:
Also, for any additional questions, please contact us, the Maplewood Department of Public Works, at 973-762-1175.